97-67. Postmortem examinations; notice to next of kin and insurance carrier.

Upon the filing of a claim for death from an occupational disease where in the opinion of the Industrial Commission a postmortem examination is necessary to accurately ascertain the cause of death, such examination shall be ordered by the Industrial Commission. A full report of such examination shall be certified to the Industrial Commission. The surviving spouse or next kin and the employer or his insurance carrier, if their identity and whereabouts can be reasonably ascertained, shall be given reasonable notice of the time and place of such postmortem examination, and, if present at such examination, shall be given an opportunity to witness the same. Any such person may be present at and witness such examination either in person or through a duly authorized representative. If such examination is not consented to by the surviving husband or wife or next of kin, all right to compensation shall cease. (1935, c. 123.)