§ 97-97.  Insurance policies must contain clause that notice to employer is notice to insurer, etc.

All policies insuring the payment of compensation under this Article must contain a clause to the effect that, as between the  employer and the insurer the notice to or acknowledgment of the occurrence of the injury on the part of the insured employer shall be  deemed notice or knowledge as the case may be, on the part of the insurer; that jurisdiction of the insured for the purposes of this Article shall be jurisdiction of the insurer, that the insurer shall in all things be bound by and subject to the awards, judgments, or decrees rendered against such insured employer, and that insolvency or bankruptcy of the employer and/or discharge therein shall not relieve the insurer from the payment of compensation for disability or death sustained by an employee during the life of such policy or contract. (1929, c. 120, s. 70.)