Bill Summaries and Explanatory Memos for HB 600 - Regulatory Reform Act of 2023.

2023-2024 Session

Summary SortKey Description Last Updated
H600-SMBR-100(sl)-v-3 000039 Sec. 39: Emergency Supply Chain Declaration for Local Governments 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-101(sl)-v-3 000040 Sec. 40: Clarify Reservation of Water and Sewer Capacity for Proposed Charter School Facilities 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-102(sl)-v-3 000041 Sec. 41: Deadline for Notification of Codifier of Repealed Rules/Codifier Authority to Remove Repealed Rules from Administrative Code 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-103(sl)-v-4 000042 Sec. 42: Restatement of Administrative Procedure Act Requirements for Agency to Adopt Requirements as Rules 02/08/2024
H600-SMBR-104(sl)-v-3 000043 Sec. 43: Exempt from Public Contract Bidding Requirement Heating and Cooling System Repair Work Made Through a Competitive Bidding Group Purchasing Program 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-105(sl)-v-2 000044 Sec. 44: Prohibit Counties and Cities from Adopting Certain Ordinances, Rules, and Regulations Related to Battery-Charged Security Fences and to Define and Establish Requirements for Those Battery-Charged Security Fences 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-106(sl)-v-2 000045 Sec. 45: Modify the Licensing Requirements for Transliterators and Interpreters 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-107(sl)-v-3 000046 Sec. 46: Prohibit Discrimination or Retaliation in Employment for Absences of Members of the Civil Air Patrol Performing Authorized Duties 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-108(sl)-v-3 000047 Sec. 47: Increase the Total Appraised Value of All Real Estate Prizes Offered During a Calendar Year by a Nonprofit Organization as a Part of a Raffle 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-109(sl)-v-2 000048 Sec. 48: Clarify that Inflatable Devices are not Amusement Devices 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-110(sl)-v-3 000049 Sec. 49: Commercial Mobile Radio Service Changes 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-111(sl)-v-3 000050 Sec. 50: Delete Conflicting Water/Sewer Provision in Session Law 2023-108 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-112(sl)-v-3 000051 Sec. 51: Technical Correction to Appointment Criteria for the Residential Building Code Council Created by Session Law 2023-108 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-113(sl)-v-2 000052 Sec. 52: Increase Allowable Vehicle Height by Six Inches to Fourteen Feet 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-114(sl)-v-3 000053 Sec. 53: Revisions Regarding the Lease or Sale of Hospital Facilities to or from For-Profit or Nonprofit Corporations or Other Business Entities by Municipalities and Hospital Authorities 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-32(CSBR-15)-v-5 Regulatory Reform Act of 2023. 05/03/2023
H600-SMBR-36(e2)-v-2 Regulatory Reform Act of 2023. 05/03/2023
H600-SMBR-40(CSBR-18)-v-8 Regulatory Reform Act of 2023. 06/07/2023
H600-SMBR-44(e4)-v-3 Regulatory Reform Act of 2023. 06/14/2023
H600-SMBR-49(e5)-v-6 Regulatory Reform Act of 2023. 06/26/2023
H600-SMBR-58(e6)-v-5 Regulatory Reform Act of 2023. 07/12/2023
H600-SMBR-59(CCSRI-4)-v-10 Regulatory Reform Act of 2023. 12/11/2023
H600-SMBR-65(sl)-v-11 000001 .000004 Sec. 1-4: Stormwater Permitting Modifications 02/14/2024
H600-SMBR-66(sl)-v-6 000005 Sec. 5: Modify Certain Rules Related to Development Density in Water Supply Watersheds, as Applicable in Iredell County and the Town of Mooresville 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-67(sl)-v-6 000006 Sec. 6: Phased in Mandatory Commercial and Recreational Reporting of Certain Fish Harvests 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-68(sl)-v-3 000007 Sec. 7: Establish Certain Requirements for Issuance of 401 Certifications by the Department of Environmental Quality for Certain Dredging Projects or for Projects Involving the Distribution or Transmission of Energy or Fuel 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-69(sl)-v-3 000008 Sec. 8: Environmental Management Commission to Study Narrative Water Quality Standards 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-70(sl)-v-3 000009 Sec. 9: Direct Department of Environmental Quality to Prepare a Human Health Risk Assessment for 1,4-Dioxane in Drinking Water and Evaluate Commercially Available Technology to Remove 1,4-Dioxane from Wastewater Effluent 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-71(sl)-v-2 000010 Sec. 10: Shallow Draft Navigation Channel Dredging and Aquatic Weed Fund Changes 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-72(sl)-v-2 000010 .000005 Sec. 10.5: Prohibit Dredging Moratorium Periods Not Otherwise Required by Federal Law 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-73(sl)-v-2 000011 Sec. 11: Flotation Device Requirements 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-74(sl)-v-2 000012 Sec. 12: Add New Procedural Requirements for Coastal Area Management Act Guidelines 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-75(sl)-v-2 000013 Sec. 13: Require Statutory or Regulatory Citation for Any Conditions in a Permit Issued by the Department of Environmental Quality 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-76(sl)-v-3 000014 Sec. 14: Revise 2020 Farm Act TMDL Transport Factor Calculation Applicability 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-77(sl)-v-3 000015 Sec. 15: Clarify Certain Environmental Permitting Laws Applicable to Agricultural Activities 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-78(sl)-v-5 000016 Sec. 16: Prohibit Sale of Nutrient Offsets from Municipal Nutrient Offset Banks to any Entity other than a Government Entity or a Unit of Local Government 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-79(sl)-v-3 000017 Sec. 17: Shorten Septage Management Permitting Review and Clarify Pumper Truck Fee 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-80(sl)-v-5 000018 .000018 .000002 Sec. 18-18.2: Wastewater Design Flow Rate Modifications 02/14/2024
H600-SMBR-81(sl)-v-8 000019 Sec. 19: Prohibit Disposal of Lithium-Ion Batteries in Landfills; Limit Disposal of Solar Panels to Lined Landfills and Other Approved Facilities 02/05/2024
H600-SMBR-82(sl)-v-4 000020 Sec. 20: Clarify Brownfield Program Construction 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-83(sl)-v-5 000021 .000022 Sec. 21-22: Modify the Application of Riparian Buffer Rules Regarding Airport Facilities; Modify Certain Provisions of the Floodplain Regulation Statutes to Direct the Department of Public Safety to Issue Floodplain Permits for Certain Airport Projects 02/14/2024
H600-SMBR-84(sl)-v-2 000023 Sec. 23: Utilities Commission Authority to Allow Owners' Associations to Charge for the Costs of Providing Water and Sewer Service 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-85(sl)-v-4 000024 Sec. 24: Increase Minimum Bond Required Before a Franchise can be Granted to a Water or Sewer Utility Company 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-86(sl)-v-6 000025 Sec. 25: Commissioner of Agriculture/Supply Chain Powers 02/05/2024
H600-SMBR-87(sl)-v-3 000026 Sec. 26: Limit Local Government Zoning Authority to Require Fire Access Roads in Excess of the Fire Code of the North Carolina Residential Codee for One- and Two-Family Dwellings 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-88(sl)-v-3 000027 Sec. 27: Prohibit Counties and Cities from Regulating Certain Online Marketplaces 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-89(sl)-v-5 000028 Sec. 28: Exempt Minor League Baseball Players Employed under a Collective Bargaining Agreement from State Minimum Wage, Overtime, and Record Keeping Requirements 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-90(sl)-v-5 000029 .000001 .000029 .000003 Sec. 29.1-29.3: Modify the Rules Related to the Inspection of Establishments that Prepare or Serve Food 02/14/2024
H600-SMBR-91(sl)-v-2 000030 Sec. 30: Codify Existing Stroke Center Designations and Add a Thrombectomy-Capable Stroke Center Designation 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-92(sl)-v-5 000031 Sec. 31: State Ownership of Health Information Exchange Network Data 02/08/2024
H600-SMBR-93(sl)-v-4 000032 Sec. 32: Voluntary Connection to North Carolina Health Information Exchange Network for Chiropractors 02/08/2024
H600-SMBR-94(sl)-v-3 000033 Sec. 33: Expansion of the Homeschool Cooperative Exemption to the Definition of Child Care 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-95(sl)-v-2 000034 Sec. 34: Department of Information Technology Procurement Changes 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-96(sl)-v-3 000035 Sec. 35: Restore 2009 Building Code Standards for Piers and Docks Constructed in Estuarine Waters 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-97(sl)-v-3 000036 Sec. 36: Preserve Existing North Carolina Building Code Limitation on the Use of Plastic Pipe in Certain Buildings 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-98(sl)-v-3 000037 Sec. 37: Disapprove Certain Department Of Administration Procurement Rules 01/10/2024
H600-SMBR-99(sl)-v-3 000038 Sec. 38: Delay the Effective Date of Rules Adopted by the Appraisal Board Subject to Legislative Review 01/10/2024