Legislative Drafting Division

Kory Goldsmith, Director
Distribution of Printed Bills

Desk Copies: As soon as a bill is introduced, a printing is ordered and is available the next morning. Copies of every new bill are collected each morning for each legislator by the Bill Distribution Center in Room 105 on the first floor of the Legislative Office Building. Each House secretary must pick up copies for the secretary's legislator and place the bills in the legislator's chamber notebooks. The Senate Sergeant-at-Arms will deliver bills to each Senator's office, and the secretary should prepare a daily bill notebook. If a House member desires an office file, the member should notify the Bill Distribution Center in Room 105 of the Legislative Office Building, and the Bill Distribution Center will prepare for that member two sets of bills daily; the House member's secretary will maintain the bill books in both the chamber and the legislator's office.

Bills for Committee Use: A committee chairman may obtain such copies of bills as the committee needs by sending the chairman's assistant to the Printed Bills Room (Room 1430). To avoid last-minute congestion, assistants are urged to obtain committee copies of bills on the day following reference to committee and should hold them for later committee use.

Additional Copies for Individual Legislators: A legislator may obtain up to 50 additional copies of any bill for distribution to the legislator's constituents. If the legislator requires a greater number, they will be provided and the legislator will be billed for their actual cost.

Copies to Private Citizens: Any person may obtain one free copy of any current bill by requesting it to the Printed Bills Room. Additional copies may be obtained at a cost of 10 cents per page. The Printed Bills Room will mail one free copy of any bill to any citizen who requests it.

The Legislative Services Officer has been instructed not to provide complete sets of all bills to private citizens or organizations.

Copies to State Agencies and Institutions: Any State office, agency, or institution will be supplied with three free copies of any bill in which the office has a particular interest. The Legislative Services Officer has been instructed not to provide complete sets of all bills - several thousand per session - to State offices. State offices that require more than three copies of any bill may obtain them at cost.

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